October 21st, 2015 Show- Randy Burridge

30-goal scorer, veteran of over 700 games and former Bruin, Capital and Sabre Randy Burridge talks with Matthes about his long and great career in the NHL. From making an all-star game, to the Stanley Cup Finals to being a teammate of Al Iafrate, Burridge has done a lot in this game.

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2 comments to October 21st, 2015 Show- Randy Burridge

  • Dallas  says:

    Very excited the show is back. I also enjoy hearing from retired players. Burridge had an amazing memory of his career. I would love to hear from more players like him. Also would a current events podcast be possible? Like whats going on with Crosby and Kessel’s slow starts?

    Thanks for the free content, keep it up

    • Steve Matthes  says:

      Thanks for listening, yep we’re going to try and keep current. Today went up one with Rob Brown, played for Pens and is currently Oiler analyst

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