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Podcast Excerpt: Laurie Boschman

“He got religion”

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“I was a first round draft pick in 1979 by the Toronto Maple Leafs, ninth overall, and I had a very good first year. As that second season went on I had this emptiness that was very prevalent, even though I was 19 and in the NHL. I was making good money back in the day, it was six figures. Had a car, had a cottage, all that kind of stuff, and yet I wasn’t happy.

I had a teammate on my team by the name of Ron Ellis. There was something different, something good about Ron. When I say he had his life together, he was really a consistent individual, both on and off the ice. There was something about his life that really made all of my teammates take notice, and myself as a 19 year old...

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Podcast Excerpt: Rick St Croix on Belfour

Rick St Croix: Coaching the Eagle

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Ex-NHL goalie Rick St Croix is currently a goalie consultant for the Winnipeg Jets and has also worked as a coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Dallas Stars.

“When I worked with Eddie Belfour, he was the best goalie in the world. And first off, I didn’t teach Eddie anything. Here’s what happened, the second day I was in Dallas, Ken Hitchcock brought me in. He said, listen, we just signed Eddie…. (Click header to read more)

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